James E. Sinclair – Turns 80 Years Old and Retires as Executive Chairman

Tanzanian Gold Corporation , would like to congratulate its founder, James E. Sinclair on recently turning 80 years old, and announce that Mr. Sinclair has retired as Executive Chairman to continue service as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Company.

TanGold has had the privilege of being founded and directed since 2000 by the leadership of the renowned James E. Sinclair. It is with profound gratitude that the Company acknowledges his contribution to the present success and long-term resilience of our enterprise. The Company is on the path to further achievements which stem from the foundation created by Mr. Sinclair.

Mr. Sinclair is well known in gold, mining, and commercial markets. He has been known and respected fondly as “Mr. Gold” since he boldly and accurately predicted the price of gold would rise from $150 per troy ounce in 1977 to $900 per troy ounce. The price of gold in 1980 fell just short of his now famous prediction. He has had a stellar career as a precious metals specialist, market maker, and commodities and foreign currency trader. He was the original founder and explorer of the Bulyanhulu mine through Sutton Resources, which has been one of the most productive gold mines in Tanzania. Jim is known for the successful Sinclair companies which have operated around the globe and was the individual who liquidated the Hunt’s precious metals position in the 1980’s. He has authored numerous books, magazine and newspaper articles regarding a variety of investment topics, including precious metals, trading strategies, geopolitical events and their relationship to global economics, and markets. He is also a sought-after commentator on these subjects for media interviews.

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